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by Dan Edwards posted Jul 28 2015 10:52AM
I always shake my head in disbelief when I hear someone say "There's nothing to do in downtown Dayton."
I think to myself, "Are you living in the same city I am?"
I really feel you get what you give in life because in my mind Dayton has a lot to offer and it's seems like it's beginning to find a nice groove right now.
The banks of the Great Miami River are now dotted with new multi-million dollar investments. I'm obviously ( and hopefully you too) aren't the only ones seeing Dayton's progression.
I had a great conversation with Sandy Gudorf recently on Update Dayton (Sunday mornings at 6:30 ) about the future of our downtown.
Sandy is the President of the Downtown Dayton Partnership, a non-profit organization that works with the city and private business owners to strengthen imminities and enhance your downtown experience.
We talked about a number of topics such as the new Link Bike Share program that has seen members already log more than 30,00 miles since May.
Sandy says noontime entertainment has been received well on Courthouse Square, " Although the weather has been very wet this spring and fall, people working downtown want to get out and enjoy the Square Is Where entertainers and vendors.. it has been very successful."
Sandy also shared that downtown housing remains a positive sign that people want to live, work and play downtown.
The numbers back that up as residential vacancy is only 3%.
"That's why the Riverscape River Run project , I think, is also going to be successful. It gives us one more exciting activity downtown.
Riverscape got us to our beautiful river, the River Run Project will get us in to our beautiful river."
Listen to the Morning Ride from 6-10 all this week as my conversation with Sandy will continue as we'll discuss a new connector being envisioned, the possibility of a new grocery store and the future of the Arcade.
For more info go to: www.downtowndayton.org.
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by Dan Edwards posted Jul 21 2015 11:00AM
My heart goes out to families who deal with children with special needs and challenges.
I often ask myself If I could handle that situation with the same grace, dignity and patience that I often see from many families dealt that cruel hand in life.
Nancy Bernotaitus and Gina Fisher have special needs children and they are leading the way locally trying to find answers to the struggles Autism presents.
"We couldn't find anywhere to turn for effective treatment and lifestyle enhancement for our kids so I decided we would have to start something on our own," Nancy told me recently during our taping of Update Dayton.
So Nancy and her husband established a 501(c) 3 company called Integrated Connections.
They've pioneered a summer enrichment program called Good Works Farm. "It's like rural treatment for people with autism." She adds, "After noticing how relaxed my son became while around animals as we visited a farm recently I thought this could be exactly the thing were looking for,"
Gina adds, " I'm so happy to volunteer for the Good Works Farm because I see the soothing, calming effect this environment has on my son and the rest of the campers."
To fund this important mission, Good Works Farms organizers have a 5K/Walk Run coming up Sunday July, 26 at Thomas Cloud Park in Huber Heights as well as their second annual Gala For Good Works August 29 from 6-10 at the Presidential Banquet Center in Kettering.
For more information go to www.integratedconnections.org
by Dan Edwards posted Jul 21 2015 10:31AM
Being a huge baseball fan I was very excited to have Joe Parlette and Jim Richards in studio with me last week. Joe is the Director of Parks for the City of Dayton and Jim is a good friend of mine who I happen to work with here at Alpha Media Dayton where Jim is the General Sales Manager of our 5 station cluster.
Joe and Jim teamed up with The Cincinnati Reds and Major League Baseball during All Star Week to unveil the restoration work completed on legendary Howell Field in Triangle Park off Ridge Avenue.
For the last 50 years Howell Field has been the place to see some of the best baseball talent in the Dayton region.
Jim tells me, " Pete Rose fondly tells the story of how he played at Howell Field one night and went 5- for 5 and soon after signed his first major league contract with the Reds."
Many of those rich stories of Howell Field made it to the pages of the Journal Herald and Dayton Daily News by, at that time, a young sports reporter Hal McCoy who eventually went on to cover the Reds which eventually led him to Cooperstown as a Hall Of Fame inducted baseball writer.
Because of that close bond with Howell Field (named after a former Dayton City Judge) members of the Reds Community Fund, who oversaw and funded the Howell Field restoration, decided to rename the press box the Hal McCoy Press Box.
Alpha Media Dayton is proud to be a part of the restoration of this iconic park for future generations to enjoy, as well as the renaming of the press box in Hal's name.Congratualtions Hal, it's well deserved.
Join me tomorrow as I'll continue my conversation with Joe Parlette about how the Howell Field restoration is just the first step in upgrading Dayton's Central Parks.

by Dan Edwards posted Jul 13 2015 11:05AM
Phil Parker joined me the other day on Update Dayton, our public affairs program that can be heard Sunday mornings at 6:30.
Phil is the President of the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce and I was anxious to talk to Phil about the new found energy in the movement to consider regionalism as an economic engine.
Regionalism is an effort to share services instead of each, cash-strapped community duplicating similar services for their residents, an important economic cause I have been championing for many years.
"The project is called Dayton Together, a think tank that has the input from several regional leaders charting our regional growth through, transparency,cooperation and collaboration." Phil said.
Listen for more of my discussion with Phil Parker this week on the Morning Ride from 6-10.
We'll also share info about a new project that could totally change the way the region looks at downtown Dayton.
​By the way , if you're wondering about Phil's arm that is in a sling in the above photo, Phil told me he underwent surgery recently and he tells me he's on the mend..much like our community.
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by Dan Edwards posted Jul 13 2015 10:44AM
Sher Patrick and Mark Pompillio from the Community Blood Center and Community Tissue Services joined me recently on Update Dayton to talk about the need for people to continue donating blood during the busy summer months.
Sher tells me, "The need continues to grow ..so we tell people before you go on vacation , please stop by and make a donation."
Mark added, " You can donate every 56 days and while you're here you'll automatically get registered for a trip to Hawaii!"
The 4 month long campaign will probably register about 20,000 donors for the 8 day trip.. that's pretty good odds.
So please, stop by their downtown facility at 349 South Main Street and roll up your sleeves and be a hero. Also think about becoming an organ and tissue donor.
Alpha Media Dayton, parent company of Soft Rock 92.9 and four other stations here in the Dayton area are proud to be the radio sponsor for this summertime blood donation campaign.
For more info go to www.donatelifeohio.org

by Dan Edwards posted Jul 6 2015 11:03AM
Nearly 90 percent of all stolen items from cars in the Centerville area are stolen from cars that are unlocked.
It seems so simple, before you leave your vehicle just lock it right?
Centerville Police Officer John Davis and Dayton Police Officer Chris Pawelski told me recently on Update Dayton that we need to do more to detour crime.
Officer Davis told me. "In many cases, people aren't locking-up their valuables and to compound the problem they're leaving valuables out in plain site for thieves to just help themselves." Officer Pawelski added," I always say.. if they can see it they can steal it."
These two police departments have teamed up with the Miami Valley Crime Prevention Association along with Soft Rock 92.9 for an anti-theft campaign called Lock It Don't Leave It Behind.
The message: wherever you are, is take your valuables with you. It might be inconvenient short term but not nearly as inconvenient if a thief makes off with your wallet or laptop.
Listen for more helpful anti-theft tips this week on the Morning Ride from 6-10 on The New Soft Rock 92.9.
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