You can help deployed military with their pets. Here’s how…

If you’re a pet owner, you know how hard it can be to find a dog or cat sitter when you go on vacation. Imagine being in the military and having to go overseas and leave your pet behind? That’s why several new volunteer groups have sprung up to take care of soldiers’ animals when they’re deployed. One group is Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet. It was founded six years ago by Linda Spurlin-Dominik, after she got an email saying a soldier’s dog was going to be euthanized, because there was no one to take care of it. Linda rescued the dog, and launched a coast-to-coast network of over 2,500 foster homes for pets of military personnel. For her dedication and effort, Linda was awarded the Presidential Volunteer Service Award three times in the past decade.

So, how do soldiers sign their pet up for a foster home? Just go to the Guardian Angels website and fill out an application on the “Submit A Pet” page. A volunteer will call to verify that your pet is in good health, and match them to an appropriate foster family. From there, Guardian Angels arrange a face-to-face meeting between the soldier and the prospective foster family. Soldiers are responsible for the cost of food, treats, and any veterinary treatment while they’re gone, while the foster family provides a secure home and takes care of their animal.

Another military foster program – called PACT – goes a step further, and keeps overseas soldiers in touch with their pets. Each foster family is required to send their soldier a monthly note saying how their dog or cat is doing, along with photos. Once the soldier returns home, the family has visitation rights to their foster pet. If you’d like to get involved with military pet fostering, contact your local animal shelter.

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