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by Danielle posted Apr 14 2015 12:43PM
It's a sad day in music history.  Soul singer Percy Sledge, best known for his song "When A Man Loves A Woman," died today at the age of 73 at his home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

Click here to read the full story...
by Danielle posted Mar 19 2015 1:26PM
How 'bout them Flyers!!!! What an amazing game... Total nail biter there at the end! I mean one point, come one!!! Whew, I sweating there for a minute for sure. Check out the story on CBS News... GO FLYERS!!!

by Danielle posted Mar 16 2015 5:24PM
Oh yeah.... Brit is back!! Possibly headlining the Super Bowl Half Time Show in 2016!!! She made her first appearance alongside Aerosmith, N'Sync, Nelly, and Mary J. Blige back in 2001. This time... move over! It's gonna be all her! She's rockin' the stage in Las Vegas right now aaaaannnddddd the abs are back! Just sayin'. :)
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by Danielle posted Mar 13 2015 3:23PM
 I read an article today about the top tv characters since Tony Soprano...The Top 10 were SOOOO disappointing! Not to say some of them aren't good or don't deserve to be in there but their placement is all wrong. I mean don't get me wrong, I adore me some Tina Fey but putting her at Number 1 for her character on 30 Rock? Shameful.  Personally I thing Cookie Lyon from the new show Empire has her beat, and she came in at 99!!! WHAAAT? What do you think??? 

Check out the article here...
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by Danielle posted Feb 23 2015 9:37AM
Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Cinematography ALL go to "Birdman." For me the show dragged on but Jennifer Hudson, John Legend & Common, and Lady Gaga gave some spectacular relief to an otherwise boring show! Jennifer Hudson delivered a heartwrenching tribute to those that passed away this past year, John Legend & Common's performance of their Oscar winning song "Glory" brought tears to the cast and audience, and Gaga blew everyone away with her "Sound Of Music" tribute!

See A Full List Of Winners Here... 
by Danielle posted Feb 13 2015 11:43AM
Here are some of my unique ideas: (Click for links)

Cozymelts- Paint pottery together ( It will be like Ghost...or not. But at least it will be fun!)

Beer & Chocolate 5k/10k- For the active couple... or the not so active couple that "Will Work For Beer"

Go See "50 Shades of Grey" - Need I say more???? wink

Go Shopping Together- FOR EVERYTHING. Pick out an outfit for the other to wear, buy ingredients for dinner to make together (or order for each other), and later you can even get creative.... Like "50 Shades" creative. blush

I thought this article might also help you come up with a unique idea of your own!!


by Danielle posted Feb 11 2015 11:23AM
Navy Senior Chief Robert Hyatt of Springfield is presented with the "Old Tar" award! Read the full story posted below...


NECC Sailor Receives “Old Tar” Award
By Navy Expeditionary Combat Command Public Affairs

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – He never imagined that Nov. 30, 1988, the day he got his Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist (ESWS) pin, would hold any significance in 2015, but a nomination from the Fiscal Year (FY) 14 Chief Selectees changed all that.

On Jan. 15, 2015, in Washington, D.C., Senior Chief Gunner’s Mate (SW/EXW) Robert Hyatt of Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC) was presented with the “Old Tar” award by the Surface Navy Association (SNA).

“I was quite surprised that I was chosen as the next “Old Tar”,” said Hyatt, a native of Springfield, Ohio. “It definitely made me think about my years of service and all of the things I’ve accomplished.

The “Old Tar” term comes from the early days of the Navy when Sailors often boarded enemy ships in battle and engaged in hand-to-hand combat. Before entering battle, they would dip the knot of their long hair in tar, which would harden and protect their necks from blows from behind. Sailors, therefore, soon became known as “tars”. An “Old Tar” was one who was honored and respected for his knowledge, wisdom, and long experience at sea.

Today, the “Old Tar” is given to the Active Duty Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist with the earliest date of qualification as received by the SNA before the announced closing date for nominations. Nominees must submit appropriate certified true copies of Page 4 or ESWS Certificate.  In the event of more than one nominee has the same ESWS qualification date, the recipient will be determined first by the most time at sea, and secondly, by the pay entry base date (PEBD).  If a candidate is qualified in more than one specialty area, their primary designation must be Surface Warfare.

With nearly three decades leading up to this milestone, Hyatt remembers fondly the day he officially became a surface Sailor.

“When I got my ESWS, I was a second class and the program had only been around for nine years, so not a lot of Sailors had the qualification,” said Hyatt. “Out of 175 people on board USS W.S. Sims (FF-1059), only 16 Sailors were ESWS qualified and that included E-9 and below.”

Over the years the ESWS program has evolved, and Hyatt recalls how very different it was in 1988.

“Unlike now, where many ships conduct ESWS training during working hours, all work and studying had to be completed during a Sailor’s free time,” said Hyatt.  “Sailors had to survive two preliminary boards and a 100-question written test.  We then had to pass an oral board chaired by none other than the executive officer or commanding officer of the ship.”

Hyatt went on to say that it was a lot harder to achieve the milestone due to the requirements placed on the program.

“It wasn’t a requirement, more like a specialty,” said Hyatt. “The ESWS Sailors had their own duty section.  If the ship had to get underway in an emergency, they would call the ESWS duty section first to get it under way.”

And because it was such a new program, Hyatt felt it was an honor to be in such an elite group.

“It’s about pride. When we got ours [ESWS], it was about carrying on the tradition,” said Hyatt. “It made you the best of the best on the ship. It was an honor to be a part of such an important group because  ESWS is steeped in Navy tradition, and with some Navy traditions going away, this is one that I don’t want to see fade. ESWS is a big part of becoming a Sailor and being a part of the ship and its mission.”

His love for Navy traditions actually led to his submission for the “Old Tar”. 

“About six years ago I was running a Chief’s Season, and I tasked the Selectees with finding out when each Chief got their ESWS, what the “Old Tar” is and then give a brief on it,” said Hyatt.  “I thought it was a great way for the Selectees to get out and meet the Chief’s Mess.”

Over the years, that tradition has continued, which led to Hyatt’s nomination by the FY 14 Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek- Fort Story (JEBLC-FS) Chief Selectees. When he heard about the nomination, he was humbled that he met all the criteria.

“I never imagined that a simple task I’ve given the Selectees over the years would lead to my nomination for one of the greatest milestones of my career,” said Hyatt.
The title of the Navy’s “Old Tar” was officially passed from retired Master Chief Fire Controlman (SW/AW) Thomas Ward to Hyatt on Feb. 1.


by Danielle posted Jan 28 2015 9:41AM

It might have missed New York City but winter storm Juno hit parts of the Northeast hard with heavy snow, high winds, and coastal flooding. Could we be next??? Let's be honest, if you live in Dayton you know it could hit at any time. From the "Blizzard of '78" and the ice storm of 2004 to the "Big Chill" in January of last year, it's always a possibility here in the Miami Valley. How can you be prepared? Check out the link below for some awesome tip!!!

Click Here

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by Danielle posted Jan 6 2015 11:56AM
RESOLUTIONS.... We make 'em, we break 'em. Or, at least I do! LOL! I mean all I really want is to be skinny, fall in love, get rich, and quit any and all bad habits, is that too much to ask for? tsurprise

According to the federal website USA.gov Americans often make the same resolutions every year even though they don't stick to them. The top ten resolutions include losing wieght (Surprise!), Volunteering, Quit Smoking, and Managing Money.

What is your resolution for 2015? Did you already break it? Tell me about it! You just might make into the show! :)
by Danielle posted Dec 22 2014 2:50PM
Today we mourn the loss of music legend Joe Cocker. The grammy winning singer-songwriter lost his battle with lung cancer earlier today his agent confirmed. He was 70 years old. To read the full story click here...
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