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09/11/2014 10:49AM
Dan Edwards
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09/12/2014 4:28PM
Maggie in Miamisburg
09/15/2014 10:08AM
You can certainly go anywhere and support anyone, but referring to Dayton Right To Life as JUST an organization for everyone who supports families is like referring to AARP as an organization for people who like to eat dinner at 4:00pm. Let's be a little more upfront about things.
03/26/2015 7:41AM
Concierge Dr
Have you seen the now your able to a Dr online? Just download the app and presto you can see a Dr for numerous different problems. Gotta love technology!!!
03/27/2015 3:14PM
To Dan Edwards
Hey Dan,can you give a shout out to Oster's Painting&Power Washing.Say Hi to Cindy.Thanks for ALL.-Steve
04/01/2015 6:13PM
Rick in Miamisburg
Hey, Dan: I just saw your ad on the local news - didn't know you were on morning radio. I'll definitely give you a listen - Look forward to it!
04/12/2015 7:42PM
Like your tv ad for the station. Your friend John
05/01/2015 12:10AM
Linda from Richmond
I miss the old fly 92.9. It was a unique station then but now just like all the others. Lost a loyal listener. Disappointed!
05/07/2015 3:39PM
Jack Sewell
As a retired Dayton area broadcaster who also worked at 92.9 it's great to see a station finally open up the music flood gates so we get a great surprise every few minutes. Nice library!
05/12/2015 8:02PM
Miss you around UD. But I heard that you are coming back in the fall to UD. Glad that you are doing fine. Your friend John
05/19/2015 7:34AM
Would be nice if you kept your political comments to yourself. I normally like your show - and its obvious you dont care for the President, but really?
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